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placing an order

Online mail order service from Deep Music is the online shop of Deep Music, the leading independent record dealer and music distributor in Hungary. Our website reflects the up to the minute status of the stock of our Budapest based shop and gives you the opportunity to order from us - we deliver to every country in Europe (to member countries of the European Union, and to non-EU countries as well).

Registration is mandatory to place an order. After logging in to our shop, you can put any on-stock item into your cart. (Pre-sale or backorder titles can be saved to your favourites list.) To submit your order, review your cart, confirm its contents to proceed and choose payment and delivery method to finish the process. You will have to enter your delivery and contact details during (or before) your first order.

Registration, account activation and login

You are required to register a user account to order from us. Your e-mail address used for registration will be your username to our site - please use a valid address, because you'll have to respond to our activation e-mail. Login is possible only after account activation.

Use the password reminder function in case you forget your password (you will receive a temporary password which will be valid for 24 hours). It is also possible to change your e-mail address: just go to your profile page (you will have to go through the activation process again to validate the address).

The Cart

When listing the on-stock items of our shop (new arrivals, forthcoming, etc.) a "trolley" icon represents your cart. On the detailed description page of every item you find an "add to cart" icon with the same function. To collect the titles you want to buy in your cart you have to click on this trolley/add to cart icon.

You can review your cart by clicking on "cart" in the menu (top row, or in the top right box on bagess where it's displayed). Next to this menu item you can always see the sum of the titles in your cart. On the reveiw page you can: change the ordered quantity of an item, move item to your "favourites", or remove an item completely. Click "checkout" to proceed with your order. Choose "recent orders" to review previous orders.

Place an order - choose delivery and payment method, provide delivery and invoice address

Review the contents of your cart and click "checkout" to proceed with your order. The sum of your order is calculated after you choose delivery - personal collection/courier delivery - and payment - bank card or PayPal - method. You can not place an order without submitting your delivery and invoice address - you'll be automatically redirected to your profile page to do this, if you haven't submitted these already. (Your personal data is safe with us - please refer to our privacy guidelines.)

On the last summary page you can once again review the items and the additional costs depending on the chosen delivery and payment method. Click "i'm paying" to complete the order - after that you'll be forwarded to the bank's/PayPal's portal to complete the payment.

Paying by bank card

If you place an order and choose bank card (credit/debit card) as payment method, you'll be forwarded to our banking partner after you confirm your order.

Payments are processed through the portal of K&H Bank (Hungarian member of the KBC Group). will only forward the sum amount of an order to the bank, every other data required for a successful transaction have to be entered by the customer on the bank's pages.

Deep can not held responsible for the availability of the bank's payment processing protal nor for the authorization of the payment. Before confirming your payment we recommend that you check the validity of the certificate used by the bank's portal, the merchant's name displayed on the payment page (it should be "Deep Music Kft.") and the sum amount that'll be deducted from your account. JavaScript is required to use the bank's portal. Entering your e-mail on the payment page is not obligatory.

Click the link after the transaction to head back to our online shop where you'll be informed about the status/result of your payment. Your basket is preserved in case of an unsuccessful payment. In case you bought digital media, the download link will be delivered to you in an e-mail.

Paying by PayPal

You can pay in our shop with PayPal - use your PayPal account to pay for the goods with one click. You can also use your bank card through PayPal's system the same way as in case of our banking partner, in case the service provided by K&H Bank seems to fail with your card. Security of the payment process is guaranteed by PayPal.

Courier delivery

Orders from are delivered to your door by courier service. The courier (DPD Hungária Kft.) will send you an e-mail informing you that you should expect the delivery of your order. In case the package can not be handed over to you in person, the courier will leave a note, and will attempt the delivery at a later time.

Please check the contents of the package as soon as you receive it and verify that the contents match with the titles on the invoice. We can not accept complaints regarding the completeness of the package after you have signed the acknowledgement of receipt. (Please also refer to the "Complaints and defective fulfillment" section of our Terms and conditions regarding this matter.)

The price of shipping depends on the recepient's address - please click here to see the detailed list.

Shipping price will be added to your order during the checkout process.

In case you place and pay your order before 2PM, your package will be picked up by the courier the next day. Expected delivery times: 1-2 days for inland and vary for foreign countries. (Please ask us if you need to know.)

Collecting in person

If you reside in Hungary, you can pick up the ordered items in person in our Aradi street, Budapest store. Opening hours are 10am to 8pm on weekdays and 12am to 4pm on Saturday. Note: you can not choose to collect in person in case your delivery address is outside of Hungary.

Tracking your order, reviewing previous orders

Check the "recent orders" menu (on the right-hand side in the "profile" box, or through the cart page) to review the order you have made earlier. The list will include every title, and every order has its unique identifier. The status of your oder (to be delivered/paid, invoiced, shipped, fulfilled) can be found here as well. In case you have questions regarding an order, please use its identification number when contacting us.

Favourites - pre-order future or out-of-stock titles

The "favourites" function gives registered users (after login) the opportunity to collect interesting and out-of-stock releases on a "virtual shelf". On-stock items can be moved between the favourites and the cart and back anytime. An out-of-stock title can be a future release or one that is sold-out at the moment - you can order such items through the favourites list by clicking on "I order this". In case you post an order for an out-of-stock item, our staff will inform you through e-mail about the expected arrival of the title, and it is obligatory that you buy it after it arrives (it will show up in your cart, and you will not be able to complete your next order process without buying it).

Digital formats, legal music download

Our online shop offers legal digital music download besides the physical formats. Digital releases are listed with every other item on the weekly arrival list, if you browse for genres, look at the search results page, etc. In case of every list you can filter on digital titles by clicking the "digi" tab at the top (header) of the list. You can access our whole catalogue by selecting "stock" from the "releases" menu. In case of music download, you can buy one track or the whole release - single or album - as a bundle. You can choose from four different formats: 192 kbps and 320 kbps MP3, FLAC (lossless compression), WAVE (uncompressed). The price you pay for the music depends on the format (higher price = better quality; an avarage listener buying tracks to listen to on his/her portable player might be satisfied with a 192 kbps MP3 file; while DJ-s and collectors may need the WAV format, or the FLAC, that offers the same quality with smaller file size). In case a title in our catalogue is available both in digital and physical formats, the two are linked through their product details page, so you can decide which one is the best for you.

You place an order for digital release practically the same way as for physical titles. You can put either a release or a single digital track in your basket - this is when you choose the quality of the digital content. From here you'll see the digital tracks/releases in your cart, priced according to the selected quality. From here the checkout process is the same as in case of physical releases (please refer to the appropriate section).

After your payment is processed our system will prepare a ZIP archive for you containing all files you've bought in our shop. The download link to this package will be sent to you through e-mail. This link will be valid either for 24 hours or for 2 downloads. (We are working on options to make repeated download available through the "my previous order" menu with some restrictions.)

Your can naturally mix physical and digital releases in one order. Invoice for digital media downloads is available only in our Aradi street based shop - please get in contact with us in case of such requests.

For your information

Please note that you have to accept our terms and conditions when registering/ordering from us. In case of questions, please check our FAQ document - if you can't find there what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our e-mail address.


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