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Chrysta Bell - This Train (produced by David Lynch)

The debut album of an artist extra ordinaire: Chrysta Bell, the muse of Mr. David Lynch (produced by David Lynch).

"Chrysta Bell looks like a dream and Chrysta Bell sings like a dream. And this dream is becoming a reality." (David Lynch)
“Not only did David Lynch give me the gift of reassurance as a solo artist. David Lynch gave me a voice, a personality, and an album. It is the most important experience of my life and the work I have the most pride in – by far. He made me realize that I am a singer.” (Chrysta Bell)

Lynch wrote and produced Bell’s 11-song debut, This Train, released in 2011 on La Rose Noire. The album was created in David Lynch’s own sound studio in Hollywood in the course of one whole decade (!). Evocative of Lynch’s film and television productions—as well as his own recent solo debut, Crazy Clown Time—the album’s dark and airy musical soundscapes conjure a dramatic atmosphere that allows Bell’s breathy inflections and soulful melodies to take flight.
Lynch says Bell “is not only a killer performer, she also has a great intuitive ability to catch a mood and find a melody that’s really spectacular.” He has been working with the San Francisco-based singer-songwriter since 2000. The closing moments of his surreal epic Inland Empire featured the duo’s song “Polish Poem,” a classically Lynchian ballad.
Raised in San Antonio by her mother, a professional vocalist, and her stepfather, who owned a local recording studio, Bell was singing jingles by the time she was 11 and doing musical theater at 13. She first caught Lynch’s attention years later when she was the lead vocalist of RCA Victor gypsy swing act 8 ½ Souvenirs. ” Lynch came across Chrysta Bell, “when I was no more than a teenager. We were introduced and he seemed to be affected by me in a special way. So he invited me into his studio.” On their first meeting there they wrote a song together which carries the prophetic title “Right Down to You“ and is now to be found on Chrysta Bell’s debut album. “It was truly magical,” she recalls. “David and I have an almost transcendental understanding when it comes to music. We hardly talk about what is emerging – it just happens. Something clicks whenever we are in a studio together. David comes up with a sound collage, adds a few lines, and right afterwards I think of the melodies to fit.“ Melodies which the grand master himself praises as “out of this world.”
Bell fits Lynch’s vision of the femme fatale archetype, projecting an on-stage persona that references Julie London, Rita Hayworth and Isabella Rossellini. A recent London performance earned Bell comparisons to Portishead and Massive Attack.

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