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Deep, which started in Sopron (a historic border town on the western side of the country) back in the previous century, has become the number one independent music distributor in Hungary during the years, and runs the most up-to-date record shop in Budapest offering a wide selection of genres.

The shop relocated to the capital under the management of Gábor Katona (aka Negro) in 1999. Dispite the scarce space available in our first shop in the Tompa street we tried to offer and represent a vast array of different styles. The shop's good reputation spread through word of mouth which generated a growing demand. Therefore, in 2002 we moved operation to a new place in the Aradi street near Oktogon.

The much more spacious Aradi street shop allowed us to better serve our customers (e.g. with more listening posts) and to display even more vinyl and CD records, and also a whole range of merchandise items like DVDs, magazines, shirts, bags and slipmats. The pretty much legendary office at the back of the premises serves as a workplace for our team to coordinate tasks related to distribution, promotion and event organization.

Besides working with smaller independent shops, our aim is to get the releases anticipating attention of a bigger crowd on the shelves of chain stores with outlets around the country (e.g. Media Markt, Saturn).

We work together closely with the biggest European independent music distributors for years now, our most important partners reside in Vienna, London, Köln and Paris. This relationship and our exclusive deals are key to keeping our stock fresh and full of top-notch releases.

We are proud to be the exclusive Hungarian distributor of acts like Thievery Corporation, Deladap, De-Phazz, Gotan Project or Koop and also to be involved with the releases of talented young Hungarian bands like Brains and the Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra.

We represent independent or progressive pop music and electronic or not so electronic genres of dance music for over a daced now. 2009 was an especially busy year for us. We kept on improving our profile as a distributor, and started our own record label Shiftin' Gears Recordings. Our online shop also swung into full action and we celebrated our 10th birthday with a much acclaimed party in December. We intend to keep the pace in 2010. The English version of, payment with PayPal and international delivery will allow us to make our products available outside of Hungary. And as an alternative to physical formats, you can now also purchase and legally download digital content through


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deep record store
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