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from the genuine world
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Yoruba Records has the honor to present to you our newest artist album in the form of Gabriele Poso´s From The Genuine World. Born in Sardinia, at the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this multi-instrumentalist brings us an orgy of musical cultures to make for one of the most unique and special records of 2007.
Recorded in the South of Italy, Lecce to be more exact, this album was entirely composed and arranged by Poso. Combining elements of jazz, soul, afro-cuban, as well as more traditional African music aesthetics, From The Genuine World is stunningly beautiful. Sonically, this album reaches extraordinary levels of bliss through the purest of musical traditions. The colors of this album are so rich that the gates it unlocks towards escapism are not even an option to the listener. It is extremely easy to simply be caught up in its beauty.
The journey From The Genuine World begins with "Acoustic Dream", where the lovely Tanya Michelle blesses this track with her vocal grace on a sublime midtempo number. Redi Hasa´s cello adds an exotic touch to such degree that gives you a clear idea of where the rest of this album is going. Michelle continues her vocal contribution with "Afrika", Poso´s tribute to Earth´s motherland.
"Far From Me" is one of the more jazz oriented songs on this album, but still sounding sonically coherent to its previous songs. Saxophonist Emanuele Coluccia brings ethereal depth to this instrumental. Again, the music continues to flirt with upper echelons of musical freedom through the most simple and purest music traditions of earth. Poso´s range continues to shine with the spanish-tinged "Gipsy Dejavu". With Poso and Franco Chirivi sharing guitar duties on this one, it becomes another very unique number in this beautiful body of work.
Poso shares something very beautiful with "Sun Set". In times where sex has lost its vulnerability and its true beauty, Poso, through Tanya Michelle´s sentimental vocal, asks for the inspiration, and reason to share the most intimate of human interaction. This sensual number flirts with traditional R&B aesthetics with touches of jazz.
The album ends its journey From The Genuine World with the palette cleansing instrumental named "Villa Ada". "Villa Ada" brings us full circle. This is Gabriele´s story From The Genuine World, a story which he fully expresses all his talent throughout a celebration of his lands genuine suggestions and the deepest spirit of the afro cuban heritage.
Yoruba Records is proud to present this celebration of song to you. Enjoy.
01. acoustic dream
02. afrika
03. blues for ba
04. coincidence
05. far from me
06. gipsy de ja vu
07. new moon
08. rebirth
09. sun set
10. until our work its done
11. utado's trip
12. villa ada
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