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People & shops have been complaining: why can I not get WPH Purple, Blue or Green anymore? Well, because here at the WPH headquarters we know our vocabulary. Limited means ‘only available in a specific predetermined quantity’, and thus it should ring a bell saying ‘we cannot sleep on this one, it’s limited’. It also means we are not greedy and do not want to cash in when our release turns into a best seller…
And so you should be well-prepared not to miss out on our new limited coloured vinyl-only release WPH Red, for the following reasons: Track A1 is brought to us by Maxim Lany (with a little help from San Soda) and brings us Sardinian opera samples matched to a killer raw retro-esque house groove. The name ‘Cuncambias’ means ‘exchange of cultures’, how about that for being culturally correct?! On the B-side the first track comes courtesy of newcomers Lemakuhlar, formerly known as Dalo9fj. The latter could ring a bell, because the track featured on the bonus mix CD by Red D that came with San Soda’s debut CD. This absolute beauty of a track cannot be compared to anything, it’s house, it’s trance, it’s jazz, it’s ‘welcome to WPH Lemakuhlar’! Already changing names before their first track is released? How about that for being artistically correct?! The second track on the B-side was a late addition that came hot on the heels of a James Teej remix request. This Canadian based DJ/producer made a killer album for Rekids that hasn’t left WPH boss Red D’s car stereo in months, and we are happy that Rekids did not pick the track ‘Dreaming Of A Grey Door’ themselves. Seducing and utterly sexy, this is the stuff to get girls on their knees and backs in no time. How about that for being sexually incorrect?! Oh, and did I mention WPH Red will be limited?
a01. maxim lany / cuncambias
b01. lemakuhlar / liser
b02. james teej / dreaming of a grey door
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