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numa crew - infama ep

infama ep
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grime/dubstep/uk funky
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Numa Crew come through on the second release for White Peach, a label set up to push producers that understand how to create music with incredible technical detail, riveting synthesis and perfect low end. To go against the grain, White Peach felt there was a clear lack of innovation within the scene and this can be seen by the saturation in the digital market place with 100's of releases a week. There is an explosion of generic bass music and White Peach use a combination of detailed quality control, talented artists and peaches, to have an input in improving the quality of dance floor music within this scene. After the success of the first release from Culprate which was supported by Inspector Dubplate, Asa, Koan Sound & Gemini, Numa Crew bring three tracks reigning from three different genres. Numa Crew is a group of producers based in Florence, Italy, they have had over six releases on Elastica and own the well known bootleg label called Erba. 'Feeling Macaco' has been a prominent track within the Uk Funky scene and the demand for a VIP mix was warranted. 'Infama' was produced by Lapo and features Ninjaz and Charlie Dakilo on vocals, making this track like the Italians version of Newham Generals’ ‘Hard’. Solid support from all Rood FM DJs and several plays on Rinse FM has already created a stir within the scene for this massive white label release.
a01. infama feat ninjaz & charlie dakilo
b01. feeling macaco vip
b02. nobody can stop us
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