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julien dyne - glimpse (remixes)

glimpse (remixes)
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hiphop/nu soul/electronic
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The 26th release from Japanese label is LTD RMX EP from Julien Dyne's 2nd Album ?Glimpse?.

Julien Dyne is the New Zealand's producer . His 1st album ?Pins & digits?(2009) from got big reaction from heads?and the album releasing from famous label for worldwide later.

His 2nd Album ?Glimpse? delivers originally great sound & groove with smokey and atmospheric mood….From inspiration from Jazz,Soul,Hip Hop,Electro,Detroit -Beatdown,Post -Rock?Julien delivers futuristic beat science with fat beats?heavy bass line?and fantastic melody and chords.
And Now releasing RMX EP cuts from 2nd album ?Glimpse?'s track ?who are you feat.ladi6 & Parks?and ?Get Closer feat.She So' Rad?by Japanese beatmakers .

Side-A features 3 RMXs for ?who are you feat.ladi6 & Parks?.
sauce81 who owns is already focused on worldwide web like of Amsterdam/Netherland take it to Hi-Tech Mellow Soul sounds like Sa-Ra 's way of productions.
's fame Monkey Sequence 19 delivers dope-electric soul world with mid 4/4 beats like between on hip hop and beatdown groove.
And another beat scientist from crew RLP delivers ,mysterious electric soul hip hop world .

Side-B features 2 RMXs for ?Get Closer feat.She So’ Rad?
mfp (who delivers beats for Jazzy Sport's artist Marter's track "Waiting for my lady") delivers worm and mellow electric soul world with beautiful ambience and fusion feel key chords works.
Seiho who owns (He focused on this year's "SonaSound Tokyo") delivers new phase of electric soul like post-dub step way of beat and sound science .

And Last features dub version of sauce81 remix for ?Who are You feat.Ladi6 & Parks ?

This vinyl edition is quite Limited pressing!!

Don't miss this!!
a01. who are you feat. ladi6 & parks (sauce81 remix)
a02. who are you feat. ladi6 & parks (ms19 remix)
a03. who are you feat. ladi6 & parks (rlp remix)
b01. get closer feat. she so' rad (mfp remix)
b02. get closer feat. she so' rad (seiho remix)
b03. who are you feat. ladi6 & parks (sauce81 remix dub)
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