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luna marseille
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*White Box Recordings are proud to present Stranger Son's second studio album, Luna Marseille.
*Recorded over the Winter of 2010/11, Luna Marseille features Warp Records' LoneLady on guitar and keyboard, members of the Manchester collective GNOD, and is Stranger Son's most ambitious record yet, reflecting the tough restlessness of city life; hard, violent and fleetingly beautiful.
*Building on the pop foundations of 2009 debut Einstein's Getaway, Luna Marseille incorporates shades of Philip Glass, 70's soundtracks and Krautrock into loose jams and three-minute pop songs. It is seasonal music, coloured by the echoes of cold winters and the heat of choking summers. There is choral music, industrial music bound together by John Barry strings, tough percussion and Gareth Smith's deep, distinct vocal and esoteric lyrics that explore loss, anger and political and religious ideologies.
*It dispenses with drums altogether for five of the tracks. It makes flutes and cello sound angry. Recorded live with a minimum of overdubs Luna Marseille crackles with energy and tension.
*Luna Marseille also features the single Inside Many Summers, which has enjoyed regular airplay on John Kennedy's XFM show and Marc Riley's BBC6 music show.
*Gareth Smith's ensemble has always been striving for an individual sound, escaping rigid templates and embracing wider horizons. Stranger Son are too catchy for the rock scenes, too structured for the experimental scenes, too weird to be outright pop. Smith says: 'The only band I've ever wanted to emulate is the Velvet Underground. It was hard and noisy, catchy and pretty.'
*In Luna Marseille Stranger Son have made their boldest step toward creating their individual sound.
01. hello to fate
02. easy
03. happiness
04. mannequin
05. city music
06. luna marseille
07. under the hat
08. iceman pt.1
09. iceman pt.2
10. inside many summers
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