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tetrack / augustus pablo - let's get started / eastman dub (deluxe edition)

let's get started / eastman dub (deluxe edition)
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Tetrack is the vocal trio previously active during the 70's and 80's around bandleader and founder Carlton Hines alongside Paul Mangaroo and Dave Harvey. "Let's Get Started" is their masterpiece of roots reggae music, recorded in 1978 at Channel One, Harry J’s and Black Ark Studios, and is a cornerstone title for reggae collectors with soaring vocal performances and crucial roots riddims produced by the legendary Augustus Pablo for his Rockers International label. This crucial set includes the essential singles "Only Jah Jah Know", "Let's Get Together", "Isn't It Time" and the title track "Let's Get Started". The original album is paired here for CD with Augustus Pablo's monumental longplayer "Eastman Dub", to showcase the vital dub attacks created around the Tetrack classic album, and is now remastered by Kevin Metcalfe and available in a great digipak with 12-page booklet including liner notes written by Noel Hawks.

C r e d i t s
Drums: Albert Malawi, Benbow Creary, Cleveland Brownie, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace
Bass: Jah Bunny, Juinior Dan, Michael Taylor, Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar: Clive Jeffrey, Fazal Prendergrast
Lead Guitar: Dalton Brownie
Keyboards: Augustus Pablo, Lindon Corbett Davis, Steely Johnson
Melodica, Xylophone: Augustus Pablo
Percussion: Garth Swaby, Hugh Mundell, Ras McNilik, Teo Benjamin
Saxophone: Deadly Headley
Vocals by Carlton Hines, Dave Harvey, Paul Mangaroo
Backing Vocals by Pat Kelly, Ricky Grant
Recorded at Channel One Recording Studio and Harry J's
Engineer: Sylvan Morris
Produced and arranged by Augustus Pablo aka Horace Swaby
Backing Band: Rockers International Band
01. tetrack / only jah jah know
02. tetrack / let’s get started
03. tetrack / look within yourself
04. tetrack / isn’t it time
05. tetrack / couldn’t walk away
06. tetrack / judge and jury
07. tetrack / it’s up to you
08. tetrack / let’s get together
09. tetrack / we don’t get along
10. tetrack / simple things
11. augustus pabo / only jah jah dub
12. augustus pabo / eastman dub
13. augustus pabo / look within dub
14. augustus pabo / isn’t it time dub
15. augustus pabo / it’s up to jah dub
16. augustus pabo / big yard connection
17. augustus pabo / african dub
18. augustus pabo / original scientist
19. augustus pabo / cornerstone (chapter 3)
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