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culture - natty dread taking over

natty dread taking over
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Culture is one of the most important foundation artists in reggae music! Beside Bob Marley & The Wailers, Burning Spear, and Black Uhuru this is the most influential and successful artist - the latest issue of the legendary Reggae Anthology series celebrates the life and work of Culture for real in word, sound & vision!
- Deluxe-Package
- 38 tracks on two CDs including the album 'Africa Stand Alone' (first time on CD!), and the best songs for the producers Sonia Pottinger & Joe Gibbs
- Also included are as well John Peel Session tracks, and the legendary King Jammy Duplate
- Extensive Booklet with comprehensive liner notes
- The DVD has full 21 song concert and 40 minute interview

Natty Dread Taking Over, the latest in VP’s celebrated Reggae Anthology series celebrates the life and work of Culture, one of reggae music’s most iconic groups. As well as collecting together the very best of their work for foundation producers Joe Gibbs & Sonia Pottinger, the album includes all nine tracks from the legendary 'Africa Stand Alone' album never before available on CD but regarded by many as Culture's greatest work. The album also includes four tracks recorded for a 1982 BBC John Peel session, an exclusive dubplate cut for King Jammy on Sleng Teng plus the cream of their later work that along with their global touring brought them worldwide recognition. A full 21 song live concert DVD of Culture is also included accompanied by a revelatory 40 minute filmed interview.
01. two sevens clash
02. this time
03. see them a come
04. i'm not ashamed
05. natty dread taking over
06. baldhead bridge
07. them a payaka
08. play skillfully
09. love shine brighter
10. this train
11. dog ago nyam dog
12. tell me where you get it
13. more vacancy
14. iron sharpen iron
15. garvey rock
16. innocent blood
17. behold the land
18. work on natty
19. stop the fussing and fighting

01. natty never get weary
02. cumbolo
03. the international herb
04. i tried
05. too long in slavery
06. two sevens clash
07. lion rock
08. armageddon
09. jah tabernacle
10. disobedient children
11. we a boss
12. psalm of bob marley
13. addis ababa
14. riverside
15. legalization
16. election
17. poor people hungry
18. revolution
19. why i am a rastaman

21 track full concert, 110 minutes from 2003 of shrewsbury uk gig
40 minutes interview with joseph hill, interviewed by mark lamarr.
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