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moon bordeaux
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„Moon Bordeaux“ – Does It Mean There’s Trouble On The Way?
It’s always hard to describe music with words. General labels might help but set limits very often.
For example Suzan Köcher’s music could be called psychedelic Folk-Rock with one leg in the 60s and one leg in the here and now. Her melody-loving songs sound as if Dusty Springfield, Serge Gainbourg and Joni Mitchell were locked in some french basement recording room of the Rolling Stones to write the soundtrack for an unreleased Tarantino-Movie.
Well, Suzan Köcher seem to be fallen out of time or rather floating in her own time-bubble. She combines the abysses of Nico with some warmth that never lets you down no matter how much trouble there is. Her melancholic vocals sound mystical and consoling at the same time. Her songs rise from her very own intellectual world as if they have always been there and without becoming entangled in traditions.
Suzan Köcher’s debut „Moon Bordeaux“, which will be released in October 2017 via Unique Records (Believe Digital/Groove Attack) is a fascinating parallel universe delivering a first insight into the creative power of a singer, guitarist and song-writer.
Carried by Suzan’s beautiful unagitated voice the 12 songs spread a rough brightness. The gloomy-baroque mellotron-orchestration is placed on rumbling drums, a melodic beat-bass and tender to raspy Twang-, Fuzz- and Acoustic-guitars. From time to time one can hear an ancient synthesizer jerking or an old harmonium whimpering.
However Suzan Köcher does not hide her personality neither behind complex arrangements nor behind fluttering pseudonyms – her music and her lyrics get energized by plenty of inspirations and ideas and with all their references they sound naturally and throroughly like herself. And to put that into words is kind of impossible in the end.
The coloured 10“ „Blood Red Wine“ released in April already was a first appetizer that is finally becoming a musical feast with the album „Moon Bordeaux“.
01. when the night comes
02. moon bordeaux
03. dandelion fields
04. the circus
05. monochromic street
06. too young
07. cinnamon
08. seven is the number
09. lighthouse keeper
10. blood red wine
11. thank you for treating me so bad
12. cinnamon ii
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