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perform unique 100
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Unique 100 – a long and extensive story: A story, a decade, 10 years
of club- and labelculture from Düsseldorf. And hence unfortunately
the Unique Club became a part of its own history in january 2006, the
Unique 100 album should be a different exhibition of the Unique
Record Label and celebrates us as as well as our affectations – with
an A-Z selection of the repertoire of more than 100 releases – it will
also be compiled in a comprehensive book in 2007 so stay tuned!
Tracks, which appear in the sense of a concept album such as
Re:Jazz, Senor Coconut´s ´El Baile Alleman´ and Nouvelle Vague – a
back to the roots story of electronic music. In respect to UNIQ100:
From acid jazz to breakbeat, balkan, funk, soul, bossa-nova and neo-
60s-soul – tracks from the key groups and producers of Unique
Records: Our european hitsingle 2003 „Hip Teens“ and „Breakaway“
by The Frank Popp Ensemble, Eli Goulart with his classic „Meu
Samba“, „Funk The Rich“ from Malente, „Daddy´s Back“ by Ben
Human, N.O.H.A. with „Balkan Hot Step“ (which was used fort he
worldwide NIKE Shox campaign 2004), „Rock´n´Roll Star“ from Urban
Delights, The Corduroy themes „Something In My Eye“ and „Mini“
(with vocals from Ben and Scott Addison!), „On The Moon“ by the
Addison Industries and of course Unique´s most influential artist the
Xaver Fischer Trio with the medley of „I Sing This Song Just For You“
& „Follow Me“!
Unique loves Mambo – and Mambo loves Unique! The idea to ask the
musicians from the latin group Lex Eazy & The Mambo Club to
come up with new arrangements and re-recordings on a 24-Inch tape
machine was born during the Jazz-Rallye 2004 and the first gig of the
Mambo Club in the Unique Club – an ensemble, odd for latin with
vibraphon, brazilian percussions, piano and doublebass, that can
really play any repertoire as mambo-versions, each listener has the
impression of enjoying the original version instead of a cover song.
You have the feeling that you know the songs ever since!
An idea and project that celebrates musical virtuosity as a key
element. An album that satisfies the original sense of what Unique
Records is all about and further about our perception of clubculture:
Quality Songwriting, b(r)ands and their development, real live-shows,
energy that is only being created by improvisation and chance –
celebrating the power of the composition and songs in general – and
their sustainablity! Music distanced from any short term trends,
manifested in jazz! Music in 5/4 or 7/8 bars, odd verses, even
refrains, exiting and suprising troughout. Laid back ChaChaChas,
Bossas, Mambos and timeless Sambas. Lex Easy & The Mambo
Club makes you want to dance. Vibraphone, doublebass, piano and
percussions are bringing the flair of the early latin music of the 50s
and 60s in New York – live and direct at its best!
01. funk the rich (malente)
02. daddy´s back (ben human)
03. we glide on (n.o.h.a.)
04. meu samba (eli goulart e banda do mato
05. follow me & i sing this song just for you (xaver fischer trio-medley)
06. latin racer (metrophonics),
07. something in my eye (corduroy)
08. hip teens (the frank popp ensemble)
09. bass of space (xaver fischer trio)
10. breakaway (the frank popp ensemble
11. balkan hot step (n.o.h.a.)
12. rock´n´roll star (urban delights)
13. mini (corduroy)
14. on the moon (the addison industries)
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