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hydro - lateral thinking

lateral thinking
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31.76 €
Goldie – “These guys are at the top of their game”
Break – “One of the best labels in dnb, very happy to be involved”
Ulterior Motive - “Big tunes”
Spectrasoul - “The quality is always super high”

• Utopia Music are extremely proud to present UM022, Hydro’s debut album ‘Lateral Thinking’.

• Spread over 3 plates (4 including the sampler), Hydro manages to really showcase the variety and musicality that he's known for. With over 20 years of experience, he manages to comfortably wear his many influences whilst offering something both fresh and new at the same time. The palette covers light and dark, warm & cold, ambience, jungle, funk, soulful, techy, rolling, half time, 130 & 140 bpm, hip hop, jazz, tribal, and even meditative vibes. Inspired by a lifetime of music, travel and memories the aim was to deliver an eclectic album that could satisfy both the DJs and the headz whilst also being able to transport the listener elsewhere on an emotional and cerebral level. Dance music that can work beyond the dance floor.

• Hydro has been releasing incredible music since 2003 on almost all of the big labels. Since his production beginnings collaborating with Break, he has continued to work on many different styles and with many other different producers. He’s become known for his musical diversity and his name is synonymous with quality & finesse. It’s an absolute honour to be able to introduce his debut album to you. This project also features War, who again establishes himself as one of the best engineers in the game. Since first collaborating in 2011, Hydro & War have proven to be a formidable team, known for consistently delivering essential releases, including for Utopia. The only other artist featured on the album is Mateba, who joins in for two of the more uplifting tracks. A talented French producer and a long time collaborator of both Hydro & War.
a01. sagiso
b01. crown heights
c01. three
d01. nde
e01. omerta
f01. tribal times
f02. departures
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