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xaver von treyer - soul boy themes

soul boy themes
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In 2009 the internationally acclaimed german director Tom Tykwer (Perfume, Run Lola Run, The International) supervised a film project in Kenya's largest township Kibera together with his wife Marie Steinmann. They put together a team of international film pros that each mentored one film student and helped them put together the movie Soul Boy. A story about a boy who has to go on a journey to rescue his father's soul from a mysterious voodoo women. The result of Xaver's score is a percussive journey reminiscent of minimal music from the 60s paired with african vibes but completely void of 'world music' cliches. It's closer to Krautrock and Steve Reich than to the commonly shallow perception of indigenous music by first world movie directors. Full of odd sounding kalimbas and plucky guitars, backed by heavy orchestral drumming and floating e-bows. For this EP Xaver commisioned 4 remixes by some very talented music friends from Holland and the UK. Django Django are a London based outfit that combines surf, folk and hip hop elements to a unique sound of tomorrow. Roberto Auser has released on Chicken Lips label Bear Funk and Nature Records. And Moguh is a long time collaborator of dutch legend I-f and has been a DJ since the early 80s as well as hosted shows on the legendary dutch internet radios CBS (Cybernetic Broadcasting System) and IFM (Intergalactic FM). They all deliver their own take on Xaver's approach of scoring and turn 4 cues into spaced out afro-cosmic dancefloor gems for the more brave and eclectic DJs amongst us. Optimo DJ Twitch, Diskokaine (Wolfram) and David Ducaruge (Acid Washed) and Arnaud Rebotini (Blackstrobe) have already voiced their enthusiasm about it.
a01. soul boy theme (moguh’s extended version)
a02. be someone else (moguh’s extended version)
b01. manhunt theme (roberto auser remix)
b02. kibera theme (django django remix)
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