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entrepreneurs - hunting roger rabbit / six severed hates

hunting roger rabbit / six severed hates
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Stella Mortos is a home for decayed, glittering pop relics. The sole reason for its existence is a pair of tracks so compelling, the only sensible option was to commit them to vinyl.

Oddball producer, Entrepreneurs, is the cause for such fervour. His surefire blend of Yancey-esque beats and louche pop crooning marks him out from the rest of the pack.

Hunting Roger Rabbit' is a tightly-coiled snapshot into his macabre psyche: equal parts sinister and smiles all-round. Capacious synth arpeggios flutter above a beat that pulses and cracks with deranged zeal. Vocals get thrown into the mix, a thrilling counterplay with partner-in-crime, FOE, coming to the fore. Confidence lurks weightlessly at every corner, the track unfurling in supreme fashion into a funky-bass addled guitar solo.

If 'Hunting' epitomizes the unnerving outward glare, the flipside 'Six Severed Hates' is the molten inferno underneath the skin. Coming across like a drawn-out joyride through hell, petrol-puking alien voices intersect a snarling landscape coated in a glossy metallic sheen. A mantra emerges from the melted maelstrom: be careful what you wish for.

The debut EP, Uv Been Robbed, (Joking, But Not), is a perfectly weighted introduction to his universe. Frank Zappa and Flying Lotus are held in equal reverence, the result being a disorientating brand of pop that lurches and sparkles over soundscapes flecked with character, filtered through warm VHS haze.
a01. hunting roger rabbit
b01. six severed hates
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