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sapiens beasts - vol. 1

vol. 1
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Short release info: Dedicated to giving newcomers an honest platform to showcase their talents, this run of compilations is to be comprised of crystalline electronic music, spanning out across various forms. The inaugural offering sees Villanova and Time team up to reshape La CHICA's Oasis with brushstrokes of subtle melancholy, TEHO fuse contemporary Deep House with UKG and YEUZ' pair of idiosyncratic compositions, for the modern dance floor. Label founder, Agoria, ventures South of one hundred and ten beats per minute on his remix of Embers, cloaking Stefan Smith's original in humility and innocence. A FEW WORDS FROM THE ARTISTS … about their tracks Oasis: "The original track brings us a very unique vibe, the work of the analog textures implement perfectly the unique voice of La CHICA soon as I listen to it I was hooked to make a remix that would keep the same feeling .. but adding the energy and dynamic to make it floor friendly." Embers: "Other than Music, Stefan's only other Passion in life is reading Samuel Beckett. Whilst reading his radio play Embers he got a call from Nicolas Becker asking him to contribute some work to a project. He set about composing this track with Becketts words reverberating around his head. This track somehow made it into the hands of Becketts friend/collaborator Agoria and here we are." Into the wild: " I produced this track the day after a gig at the Villa Rouge in Montpellier. That night, I was playing alongside Stephan Bodzin, the club was full and the atmosphere was overcrowded. Stephan's live was incredible… After his set, backstage, I learned that he had come earlier to the club to see me play. He gave me very good feedback that inspired and motivated me. So the next day when I woke up and went back to the studio, " Into The Wild" was born. It was meant to transpose what I felt that evening: the spirit of the audience, returning to its savage state." Find it: "Spending the day with BLEUX gave birth to find it. It's a call for introspection, or a thought about living in fear. It creates a bond between a techno rhythm and a charismatic voice to explore a shady atmosphere, but not deprived of any hope."
a01. la chica / oasis (villanova et time rmx)
a02. stefan smith / embers (agoria rmx)
b01. teho / into the wild
b02. yeuz / find it
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