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Bay Area based beat maker David Reep has had a long journey to get to where he is now. Born in the U.S, raised in London, with stops in Texas and Colorado before making the Bay his home. David took an interest in music with an acoustic guitar and explored blues and soul during his seven years in London. When he later returned stateside, the Rave scene entranced and captivated his imagination, leading to his first production endevours with an SP-303. This interest in music would continue to evolve. From interest, to past time, to hobby, and ultimately career. Adopting the stage name Elephant & Castle, taken from the London area bearing the same name, David released his Analogue EP in mid 2010 which propelled him onto the scene with great reviews from Pitchfork and The San Francisco Weekly. The SF Weekly wrote about the EP “sounds like a brief version of DJ Shadow’s monumental Endtroducing..... album as visualized by Flying Lotus and his beat scene compatriots.” Now two years later E&C is set to release his debut full length project with Plug Research entitled Transitions.

Transitions is an exploration into low-fi sounds, finding their limits and pushing them further in a way few artists have done before. A well put together and polished record, Reep has found a balance between electronic sounds and live instruments. With tracks like “Derni/Paralysis” creating an eery yet pop like ambience, and the single “En Memoria,” which sees E&C hooking up with the Tune-Yards, providing a head nodding, melodic, beguiling tune. The versatility David is capable of is put on display from beginning to end. He states “this album is a dynamic adventure into the realm of ambience, beat orientation, and jazz influences. Some songs are also produced with inimitable time signatures, making the listening experience a bit more intricate...” David explains his work, “with this project, I chose music that resonated with me because I’ve found that if I get a strong emotional reaction from something, chances are other people will feel it too.” Elephant & Castle transitions electronic textures into evolving hybrids of sounds. The listening experience of Transitions is a passionate and captivating adventure, sure to mesmerize the mind, body and soul.
a01. adjoining souls
a02. rise
a03. derni/paralysis
a04. altered scones
a05. en memoria (feat tune-yards)
b01. oakland stroll
b02. the hangar
b03. formatting (feat rachel fannan)
b04. i will
b05. rgb
b06. distance to the sun
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