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technical itch presents - you need therapy

you need therapy
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TECHNICAL ITCH is the legendary godfather of dark drum n bass. Born in the UK, recently relocated to Los
Angeles, Mark Caro has been actively redefining drum n bass since 1993. With over 60 12" releases, numerous EPs, the album
"Diagnostics" on Moving Shadow, as well as the Killabytes 2 mix CD, his output over more than 15 years is staggering. The heaviest
influence on the modern dark sound of drum n bass, Technical Itch has collaborated with artists from Dieselboy to Dylan to Gein,
worked with vocalists such as Jakes, and engineered for Goldie. He is the co-founder of he worldwide phenomenon "THERAPY
SESSIONS" club night. He also appears on the Animatrix soundtrack, with his collaboration with Don Davis, "The Real". Album: "You
Need Therapy" gives the listener everything they'd expect from a Technical Itch set – and then doubles you over with what you didn't
expect. Of course, there is the brutal, lockstep breakbeat pounding Technical Itch is known for, and heaps of it. The presentation is
stunning – the set goes from peak to valley and back again, and the variety is what keeps you listening. The set morphs from drum n
bass into rock with metal overtones and back into drum n bass, even dropping in a sector of pure techno amongst the technoinfluenced
drum n bass. The hottest new cuts from Technical Itch himself and producers like RAIDEN, SPL, LIMEWAX, CURRENT
VALUE and others, this mix will stay fresh for a long time to come. Ohm Resistance is Brooklyn’s premier drum n bass and
experimental electronic label. The label has transformed from drum n bass 12" powerhouse to cutting edge electronic project pioneer.
01. current value / peace
02. limewax / mephistopheles
03. technical itch / devil's house
04. audio & dylan / the birth and the death
05. current value / a new life
06. audio / icarus
07. dylan & limewax / it's not happening
08. limewax / on key (audio remix)
09. spl / surgeon
10. the sect / annihilation
11. limewax / kristall weizen
12. cooh / cript
13. b key / the guitar tune
14. forbidden society / filth vip
15. technical itch / death jazz vip
16. dylan / crimson
17. audio / rituals
18. current value / empowered
19. limewax / ship opening
20. b key / the way things are
21. technical itch feat jakes / life of sin (gein gives you **** edit)
22. current value / math
23. limewax / aria
24. technical itch & shok / dreamland
25. raiden & the sect / cesium 137 (audio remix)
26. technical itch & shok / you need to feel
27. current value / - remembrance
28. audio / eighteen eighty eight
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