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no moon - i left my dial in pirovac (part 1)

i left my dial in pirovac (part 1)
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Mörk white finally launches to provide a small suboutlet for more off-Mörk sounds. Exploring rougher edges and surfaces as well as some more minimalistic and stripped back areas and a bit of sly electro.

No Moon opens up the series with 2x12"'s of vintage warmth & fire. Rollocking techno production and Alien vs Predator atmospheres & wails on Space Station kicks things off, rolling into the crunchy piano roller that is Unusual Light Curve - undulating chords & bass washed over pretty much the entire package.

The title track I Left My Dial In Pirovac is a two part epic split across each 12", the first a chippering 303 peppered with rickety drums and ghostly glacial pads. Part 2 is a heavy thundering roller for the deep in the night. Long epic rollouts and slowly evolving textures plus a little dab of acid to spice things up.

Everything Has A Return slays the heart with dusty, emotionally charged synths waving in the wind over blown-to-pieces depth charge kicks and hankering percussion and proto-acidic flecks.

Lastly, Is It Vibey Is It Yolo rides us out with another hammering epic. Lolloping drum lunges scourge the soft, 80's beach soap opera softness. I swear this is a synth instrumental cover of Don Henley's The Boys of Summer. Someone help me out ye?
a01. space station dub
b01. unusual light curve
b02. i left my dial in pirovac (part 1)
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