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mitch ryder - live at rockpalast 1979-2004

live at rockpalast 1979-2004
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Two medleys: "Jenny Take A Ride" consisting of the Rock's Evergreens "C.C. Rider" and Little Richard's "Jenny, Jenny" (1966), and "Devil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly" (1966) - a single that was a million-dollar-seller - were MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS' greatest hits in the brief time they played together (1965-1966). Mitch- born as William Levise Jr. on February 26th 1945 in Detroit - then decided to continue as a solo artist and immediately scored with another Top Ten Hit with "Sock It To Me, Baby" (1967). When I met him in New York in spring of 1979, he had just released his critically acclaimed album "How I Spent My Vacation" (1978) with songs about his break from music spotlight. We charged headlong into the pandemonium of New York's bars and clubs, many of which I probably would have never found without Mitch's help. There we discovered we were both Pisces - and went under the same motto: "Only dead fish go with the flow". The outcome of this was an invitation to the Rockpalast Eurovision Night at the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany on October 6th and 7th 1979. A memorable night - the "Famous Full Moon Concert" was born. Three bands played: MITCH RYDER, Southside Johnny and The Nils Lofgren Band. And each of them was given a full day for rehearsal. Although Mitch and his band were schedulded to play last on Saturday's concert, their rehearsal day was Wednesday, a long time between the two. The guys spent their nights in my hotel room playing "Aggravation" and emptying my minibar. Mitch was building up the aggression he needed as an artist. On the day of the concert the band was way beyond what could be thought of as the end of their tethers. When Mitch finally arrived, carrying a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels, he was completely and totally drunk. His live interview with presenter Alan Bangs now is TV history, but at the time, as the producer in charge, I was within a hair's breadth of axing the whole thing. But what followed was a real concert: Mitch gave his all and sung his heart out for the audience. The penetrating, impassioned cries of the soul searcher sent shivers right up our spines and deeply moved us, from "Ain't Nobody White Can Sing The Blues" ("Naked But Not Dead", 1979) to the final number, the Doors' "Soul Kichen". On stage MITCH RYDER isn't an easy person to take - but we learned to love him. 25 years later in 2004 MITCH RYDER performed again at the Rockpalast, this time with the US-American guitarist Robert Gillespie and the German band Engerling.
dvd1: grugahalle, essen 6th / 7th oct 1979
01. long hard road
02. war
03. nice 'n' easy
04. cc rider/jenny take a ride
05. ain't nobody white (can sing the blues)
06. devil with a blue dress on/good golly miss molly
07. liberty
08. dance ourselves to death
09. wicked messenger
10. rock 'n' roll
11. tough kid
12. true love
13. soul kitchen

dvd2: burg satzvey, germany 27th feb 2004
01. yeah, you right
02. from a buick 6
03. everybody loses
04. true love
05. the porch
06. ain't nobody white (can sing the blues)
07. cc rider/jenny take a ride
08. rock 'n' roll
09. freezin' in hell
10. subterranean homesick blues
11. the terrorist
12. red scar eyes
13. devil with a blue dress on
14. heart of stone
15. gimme shelter
16. it wasn't me
17. bass intro/little wing
18. soul kitchen
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