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roachford - live at rockpalast

live at rockpalast
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Seldom has a Rockpalast DVD collection documented the qualities and evolution of an artist more perfectly than here.
The 1991 concert documents the early phase of the Roachford band with all of their big hits like "Cuddly Toy" and "Family Man". The concert from 2005, on the other hand, shows the solo artist Andrew Roachford pursuing a successful career with unique collaborations, such as his big hit "Pop Muzak" with Mousse T. for example. And, like many musicians, the singer's talent can be traced back to his roots: Andrew Roachford comes from an extremely musical family. Born in South London as the child of West-Indian immigrants, he came into contact with music at a very early age and grew up listening to reggae and jazz and the sounds of Curtis Mayfield, Al Green and Jill Scott. As a young boy Andrew Roachford taught himself to play the piano. His uncle, Bill Roachford, was a virtuoso saxophonist. Bill Roachford was also the one who introduced Andrew to the music business: from the age of 14 Andrew played countless gigs with him in jazz clubs and it was these experiences that provided him with the ideal foundation for his future career. Andrew Roachford very quickly made a name for himself not only as an emotional performer, but also as a songwriter: stars as illustrious as Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan even asked him to write songs for them. The two superb Rockpalast concerts brought together here demonstrate Roachford's many facets and great versatility, as well as his absolute professionalism and incredible, emotionally exposed lyrics and voice.
20. oktober 2005 bonn, harmonie
01. work it out
02. the way i feel
03. rock you
04. crazy love
05. pop muzak
06. ride the storm
07. this generation
08. tomorrow
09. only to be with you

23. juli 1991 köln live music hall
10. moving on
11. higher
12. nobody but u
13. stone city
14. innocent eyes
15. taking it easy
16. kathleen
17. family man
18. get ready
19. give it up
20. medley: cuddly toy/ dance to the music
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