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glove - no blades no bones

no blades no bones
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When John Robb saw Glove (from Liverpool) play a year ago he was blown away.

‘It’s impossible to see anything as vibrant or totally original as this but Glove are captivating, fiercely intelligent and can turn any room into a physical and mental hoe down. With the same sort of poetic skree as primetime Patti Smith that makes you think and feel alive and minimalist stripped down music played on one bass and one Tom they deliver an invigorating set of emotions and I knew I had to release this their debut EP which I also produced.'

Glove is collaboration between artists SloSilver and Stephanie Finegan. It flowed forth that now is the time for Glove. And so, from one sleepy jam, 12 songs were born.

“Something entirely revolutionary. Minds were blown.” Drowned In Sound

"When you have been to thousands of gigs but still retain the hunger for the new, a rare WTF moment is worth a million dollars. Every now and then, at one of these music showcase events, you see band that changes your life. Again. A mesmerising, talismanic piece of magic that is beyond. Glove are that band.

Two wild painted women who turn music inside out and reinvent the wheel. Stunning.

We walk into the back room of one pub to see our first band and our minds are blown by Glove – nothing is going to match these two wired women who are oozing art, poetry and a musical brilliance that sets your mind racing and your heart pounding.

Theres is a stripped down basic sound – rhythm comes from a pounding tom tom played against a bass or in other songs a scratchy guitar. It’s pounding and highly effective – most of the songs are given a running bass line backbone and the minimalistic no wave combination is perfect for the poetry in motion of the vocals that switch between volumes of wild eyed beat poetry and stunningly sung vocal lines.
01. saiyeh
02. no blade no bones
03. death is rebirth
04. escalator
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