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the future sound of london - archived environmental views (record store day 2017 ex)

archived environmental views (record store day 2017 ex)
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This Triple album brings together the two main strands of FSOL’s current output, namely the “From the Archives" series and the "Environments” albums. Comprising a total 48 tracks, 35 of them are new or previously unreleased:
Vinyl 1 is the Archives album which pulls 8 previously released tracks from the series but in some cases new mixes of these tracks have been created specially for this release. The other 9 tracks are unreleased Archive tracks from the vast vaults of FSOL. The "From the Archives” series is no exercise in barrel scraping, FSOL are well known for their prodigious output regularly going through periods of creating several tracks a day. Many of these tracks would be 'lost’ only for not fitting current projects, created only for special live events and broadcasts or would change so drastically during the recording process that the original version would bear little resemblance to the released track. From the Archives seeks to give light to these tracks that are as good as anything released on their ‘official’ albums.
Vinyl 2 is the Environments album 16 Brand new tracks which continues the journey along the ambient environmental path. As the title suggests, each Environments album is a journey through a specific mood, place or environment.
Vinyl 3 brings together much of the piano work FSOL have done over the years and also includes 2 new cover versions of tracks by Brian Eno and his brother Roger Eno. The piano is mainly played by Grammy Nominated / Ivor Novello Winner DANIEL PEMBERTON - well known for his film score work - (Gold, Steve Jobs, King Arthur).
Views contains 10 previously unreleased tracks - 15 tracks in total
a01. outer heaven (2017 version)
a02. mouth muse
a03. culture of individuality
a04. fault line
a05. 5 months 5 acres
a06. light forming ( 2017 edit )
a07. meanwhile
a08. mango tree
a09. where you going
b01. lizard crawl
b02. woodland
b03. this day before me
b04. gas mask 13
b05. numbers and colours
b06. contraband
b07. loudoun hill
b08. she fell backwards

c01. persistence of vision
c02. normality returns
c03. hapn
c04. semi detached
c05. unforth
c06. its very existence
c07. fallin through
c08. sea pig
d01. opposite of thought
d02. looking out a narrow window
d03. drifting in and out
d04. silence in her eyes
d05. boulton
d06. intermodulation distortion
d07. everyone who is not here
d08. in a way, they do..

e01. viewed from pushkinova 7
e02. a place in the wilderness
e03. viewed from below the surface (2017 version)
e04. viewed from little boats
e05. late october
e06. the oldest lady
f01. viewed through apertures
f02. viewed from an obscure angle
f03. viewed from far hills
f04. viewed from across the room
f05. viewed from rosey's perspective
f06. viewed from under leaves
f07. source of uncertainty (original long mix )
f08. the house in the woods
f09. viewed from above
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