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acid life
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nu disco/house
Leo Zero is probably best known for his remixes of global acts like Florence & The Machine, Bryan Ferry & Paul Welller. But prior to this he's spent many years on the underground house scene, running parties, record labels, DJing, and learning the ropes in the studio.

In fact scroll back 20+ years and Leo was there right at the birth of House and Techno... in 1986-87 spending his dinner money on the latest imports from Chicago and Detroit and listening to the first pirate radio shows spawning this brand new sound.

"My mates and I would listen religiously to Jazzy M: 'The Jacking Zone' on LWR... a pirate station we could barely pick up where we lived at the end of the Met tube line in Chesham... you had to try all sorts of ways to get the signal, wiring the radio up to the radiator always worked well ! "
We're talking 1986 here - no internet, no dance music press - House music was evolving out of Boogie and Electro track by track as the sounds got more and more stripped down and futuristic... record shops like Groove, Bluebird, Vinyl Zone and Trax were the only places to buy this stuff, and fanzines like Boy's Own had only just surfaced.
"We were always hunting for the most raw and wild tracks back then - we'd grown up with the electro compilations and DJ culture, and making rudimentary mix tapes.... a rule book didn't exist, it was just about getting the loudest most futuristic crazy noises out of these beatboxes - I lapped it up - Rhythm is Rhythm, Phuture, Marshall Jefferson, Fingers inc all became heroes - And when Larry Heard, Ron Wilson and Robert Owen's came over to London for the first time to perform live as Fingers inc, it was a life changing moment for me. My life was all about music from then on."
Two years later, the rest of the country had caught up, Acid House had kicked in, and Leo found himself in Ibiza right in the thick of it all. Cafe Del Mar, Amnesia, Ku, Es Paradis, Glory's, Exstasis, Summum, Angels and a newly opened Space all sowed the seeds for a decade club promoting back in London and all over the world with the legendary Faith and Soulsonic parties, the latter of which saw him host throwdowns for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.
Around this time Leo also made his first auspicious waves in the production world, turning heads with his disco edit label Easter Bay, which counted DJ Harvey and Idjut Boys as fans. Leo has since gone on to form Dab Hands with Mark Wilkinson and Richard Searle in 2004, with the trio remixing Lou Reed and David Bowie's "Satellite of Love" which gave them a top ten smash and a Miami buzz chart no.1. He's also flexed his musical muscle as a member of psychedelic band A Mountain of One, writing and producing their first album 'Collected Works' in 2007.
Leo's talent hasn't ever been confined to music, either. He's been involved in flyer/sleeve art for most of his natural life having worked with Junior Boys Own, Heavenly Records, Electric Stew, Dazed & Confused and Time Out.

So fast forward to today and Leo's many hours of flying time in various nighteries the world over have given him an instinctive idea of what makes a dancefloor kick. He now has his own boutique label Leo Trax and the first major release is Acid Life - a raw stripped down album made with old friend and Junior Boy's Own recordings singer Marcel, together they've stuck to what they know and love, good old fashioned house & techno in the traditional Chicago / Detroit style.

Eclectic is a word often used, but not always used in the right context. When referring to Leo Zero aka Leo Elstob 'Eclectic' he certainly is - from House to Disco - Boogie to Balearic via, Punk/Funk, and Mash-Up - Leo excels in all areas.
01. let’s go
02. body music
03. born to bounce
04. electricity
05. energy
06. jackin’
07. this is god
08. make the moov
09. komputa gamez
10. take off
11. the room
12. house train
13. warehouse style
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