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remember the good things
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'Remember The Good Things' is the first single release from Milosh's excellent new album, 'iii'. A sublime sci-fi lullaby full of rippling beats, softly chiming melodies and achingly beautiful vocals, this sensual slice of contemporary electronica is both soothing and unsettling.

The lyric appears to be positive, holding onto fond memories in the midst of heartbreak, yet still heavy with unspoken melancholy and regret. "There are really sad moments on the record, but I am not sure people will interpret the same things as happy or sad," Milosh explains. "I don't think you should try and control that, you just put something honest out there and it takes on its own life."

A classically trained cellist who released his first two albums of soulful electronica on the LA-based Plug Research label, the Toronto-based Michael Milosh continues to cross musical boundaries with 'Remember The Good Things'. The original version of the song combines elements of singer-songwriter pop, ambient, classical, laptop techno and even folk into one mellifluous whole.

Two superb remixes also take the song in unexpected directions, teasing out the hidden depths in Milosh's artfully layered music. The cult LA-based studio surrealist Daedelus unravels 'Remember The Good Things' into a trippy collage of electro-dub rhythms, snaking melody lines and ghostly vocal echoes. The end result is a majestic, hypnotic, lysergically transformed cousin of the original.

A very different mix by Lanark, the alter ego of Hot Chip members Felix Martin and Al Doyle, turns 'Remember The Good Things' into a more club-friendly track powered by throbbing beats and warm, pulsing melodies. The London-based duo submerge Milosh's original tune in gently lapping waves of rhythm, the sound of sunrise on a tropical paradise beach.

Completing the single release is 'Awful Game', the opening cut from 'iii', another stately electro ballad rich in vapour-trail melodies and bittersweet emotions. Just like 'Remember The Good Things', this is a sumptuous and uplifting slice of 21st century soul music.
a01. remember the good things
a02. remember the good things (daedelus walk away remix)
b01. remember the good things (lanark remix)
b02. awful game
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