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locussolus - harvey presents locussolus

harvey presents locussolus
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nu disco/house

digital tracks (15:47)
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01.locussolus / gunship (08:01)
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02.locussolus / little boots (07:46)
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With his Sarcastic Disco compilation now residing in most sensible people`s album of the decade lists, its time for the next installment of Harvey`s unique and twisted vision.

Imagine the soundtrack to a new version of Drugstore Cowboy, set in the future and centered around the neon infused landscape of Tokyo`s nocturnal underbelly.

Its going to get messy, you know its going to get messy, but you`re still drawn into the centre of the web, heart beating ever faster as the eye of the storm tricks your senses and pushes you ever nearer to oblivion.

Gunship is a marriage of rock and techno with a huge underage sleaze factor - it`s the sound of climbing the sweat drenched walls of a Yakuza run club at 6am in the morning.

Little Boots is the slower, more cerebral, soulful twin, the sound of the city at night, a night you`ll never forget but can`t quite remember, somewhere, sometime in the future, as the neon fades and the psychedelics take over.

Harvey calls it Future Primitive: made for the dancefloor and the bathroom floor, but to us, it`s the sound of an artist bringing us the future..?today.....just as he`s always done
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