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music from porcelain
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“Music From Porcelain” is the companion album to Moby’s book of memoirs entitled, Porcelain, (Penguin Press; May 17). The album is a collection of newly re-mastered versions of classics including Go!, Honey, Natural Blues, and Bodyrock, among many others, combined with a hard to get collection of classic Electronic music recordings from artists from 808 State to A Tribe Call Quest. “Music From Porcelain” is released June 10th on Thrive Music.

Moby was an unlikely fit in the club scene of late ‘80s and early ‘90s New York City. A devout Christian, vegan, straight white kid from the suburbs, he was an outlier in a world dominated by people of color, gays, drug use and general debauchery. And yet, Moby was able to not only to break into one of the most difficult scenes in the entertainment field, but to also build a thriving career and go on to become one of the most interesting and iconic musicians of our time. By turns funny, disquieting, and moving, his unforgettable memoir, PORCELAIN, he recounts the ups and downs of his fledgling career.

In the midst of this organized chaos, Moby remains open to new people and experiences in a way that feels not only refreshing, but also nearly impossible in today’s New York. As a result, he finds himself crossing paths with some of the most memorable artist to come out of that era: Madonna, Run-DMC, Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth. Moby’s is a wide-eyed ride: he gets cursed at publicly for ruining a freestyle session with Darryl McDaniels when he accidentally bumps the turntable, he shares a bathroom—and falling in love at first sight—with a dominatrix at a swingers party, and unwilling to turn down work, spins three shows in one night in England. His humility, curiosity, work ethic, and earnest desire bring joy to people through his work lead to success and an the inspiring story of one of the most influential musicians in modern history.
cd1 (all moby tracks)
01. mobility
02. go! (the woodtick mix)
03. ah ah
04. next is the e
05. rock the house
06. thousand
07. feeling so real
08. god moving over the face of the waters
09. come on baby
10. that's when i reach for my revolver
11. natural blues
12. bodyrock
13. why does my heart feel so bad?
14. porcelain
15. honey

cd2 (compilation)
01. raze / break for love
02. 808 state / pacific state
03. a tribe called quest / scenario
04. precious / definition of a track
05. jungle bros / i'll house you
06. audio two / top billin'
07. aly us / follow me (club mix)
08. big daddy kane / raw
09. run dmc / pause
10. joey beltram / energy flash
11. t99 / anasthesia (out of history mix)
12. dream frequency / feel so real
13. jay dee / plastic dreams
14. strafe / set it off
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