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A vanguard of electronic music, Huntemann's truly universal appeal lies in his ability to consistently produce some devastatingly brilliant electronica, illustrated by the fact that he has remixed the likes of Underworld, the Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode. The longevity of Huntemann's distinguished career rests upon his ability to consistently progress and develop his sound. Despite this constant evolution, few would argue that Huntemann is synonymous with an honest brand of deep and intricate electronica which is evident on this exciting new release.

The precision and skill with which Oliver Huntemann expertly engineers his songs together with his studio wizard and co-producer André Winter is once again apparent on Paranoia, which maintains the lofty standards already set by previous albums and his musical output. On Paranoia, Oliver Huntemann's prowess and versatility as a producer is evident, from the space age minimalism of 'Magnet', through to more melodic, upbeat productions such as 'The End', in which warm sounds resonate through the listener. Moreover, tracks such as 'Phantom' and 'Tranquilizer' are sure to appeal to those who love techno that is expertly programmed and synth heavy, creating dramatic sonic soundscapes, which transport the listener away to another world. Paranoia features a number of beautifully crafted tracks aimed purely at the dance floor which are guaranteed to excite Oliver Huntemann's legions of fans. Both 'Delirium' and 'Dark Passenger' are 'heads-down' tracks full of pulsating bass, thudding rhythms, twisting synths and metallic industrial sounds, and are guaranteed to be a favourite for many DJs. Similarly, on the hypnotic 'Rotten', a spoken-word vocal is looped over a robotic beat which captivates the listener, drawing you deep into the songs core. The calibre of the vocalists which feature on the album illustrates the high regard in which Oliver Huntemann is held by his peers. 'Hope' sees a notable appearance from the world-famous and highly sought-after American vocalist Robert Owens whose mesmerising vocal contributes to produce an anthemic tune which is undoubtedly one of the albums standout tracks. Also from prime electronic stock is the supremely talented Danish singer Ane Trolle who has previously worked with Trentemoller. On 'Wahnfried' she lends a wonderfully delicate vocal to a slow and intense atmospheric beat. And to make the release even more special, there will be a free bonus DVD with an accompanying set of videos.

Oliver has commissioned a hand-picked group of global film-makers, and some musical peers in Sebrok and Xenia Beliayeva, to produce a video for each track. The videos further explore the themes from the album, and are a fantastic addition to the release. With this latest album, Oliver Huntemann has yet again demonstrated why he is one of the most revered producers in the scene who is unrivalled in his ability to construct deceptively intricate yet powerful songs. Once again Huntemann has delivered a compelling and memorable album which keeps drawing the listener back into its darkest depths again and again.
01. only the paranoid survive
02. rotten
03. delirium
04. in times of trouble
05. dark passenger
06. phantom
07. they are (not) after you
08. hope (feat. robert owens)
09. magnet
10. tranquillizer
11. wahnfried (feat. ane trolle)
12. the end

01. only the paranoid survive
02. rotten
03. in times of trouble
04. dark passenger
05. hope (feat. robert owens)
06. wahnfried (feat. ane trolle)
07. magnet
08. tranquilizer
09. they are (not) after you
10. delirium
11. the end
12. decks and the city
13. nyc (keep on playin')
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