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this sound is hardcore underground
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It’s a remarkable testament to the longevity and enduring commercial appeal of a genre that an independent label such as Hardcore Underground can flourish, grow, and become as revered and globally recognised a brand as it is. With DJs Fracus & Darwin at the helm, whose production and performance CV is almost unmatched within genre, the consistent and fervently supported indie label brings forth their strongest, most highly curated and heavily publicised album project yet. Having just completed their second compilation mix inside 12 months, for the hugely popular Hardcore Heaven compilation series, Fracus & Darwin turn their attention to weaving together two mix CDs comprised purely of the biggest, most sought after and most discussed music signed to the label in the last two years. Hardcore Underground has been successfully producing, compiling and releasing compilation albums for over a decade now. Having grown exponentially in recent years as a multimedia outfit; responsible for shooting an impending Ultra HD Blu-ray release in the USA, providing music and licensing for global gaming companies and continuing to expand into the wide world of podcasting (with hundreds of thousands of downloads) the brand has never been stronger. Yet, what created the label, and is responsible for its continued ascent, is still the music and albums. Fracus & Darwin have been at the forefront of Hardcore Underground’s artist roster since its first release in 2006. They have risen to become one of the leading acts within the genre, not least due to the popularity and wide reach of the compilation albums they mixed in the early days of the label. Having successfully toured all over the World and become a firm fixture at festivals and events, their production CV is still the core of their operation and keeps their activity on the DJ circuit constant. Having produced music for countless leading releases from the likes of Ministry Of Sound, Nukleuz, Resist, Nintendo, Sony BMG, Konami (to name but a few!), and after guesting multiple times on BBC Radio 1 and… near enough everywhere else too, they have carved out a ferociously loyal and unique fan base. This album comprises of the very best of both the Fracus & Darwin discography from recent years, as well as the label itself. It’s the music that’s proven most popular in a live setting, and is at long last available to enjoy as part of this high quality, highly curated collection of tracks. The packaging and presentation is also a huge part of this fantastic release, with innovative and slick design setting it apart from any competitor in genre. With a national TV advertising campaign on leading channels such as MTV Dance, Clubland etc., and a skilled and wide reaching marketing team both on social media and at press / events the World over, this album is sure to make waves. The EDM scene is changing, and high BPM music, most notably Hardcore, is now at the forefront of the next wave in popularity. This album encapsulates everything that is great about this increasingly popular and expanding genre.
cd1 (mixed by fracus & darwin)
01. fracus & darwin vs. chexmixer / like nobody before
02. redmoon & meron ryan / never let go (fracus & darwin remix)
03. fracus & darwin vs. bass selective / blow out part 4
04. fracus & darwin / keep on reachin'
05. fracus & darwin feat. drew flanagan / only one of me (2017 hardcore update)
06. dbl / lived a lie
07. michael mansion / let me in (fracus & darwin's blu the roof remix)
08. fracus & darwin / the look in your eyes
09. skinny & darwin / ways of the underground
10. darwin feat. pearl blue / don't be lonely (fracus & darwin's 2017 update)
11. fracus & darwin / floorburn (2017 update)
12. fracus / all night (2017 update)
13. fracus & darwin / snowflakes
14. darwin & aquamendez / coming off the wall (fracus & darwin's 2017 update)
15. fracus & darwin vs. michael mansion / don't let me go
16. buzz & stevie d feat. jess palmer / goodbye (fracus & darwin remix)
17. skinny & darwin / everybody (it's time)
18. gareth emery feat. janet devlin / lost (fracus & darwin remix)
19. darwin & bundy / better place
20. wasted penguinz / bitterness (fracus & darwin remix)

cd2 (mixed by fracus & darwin)
01. fracus & darwin feat. jenna / believe in something
02. technikore feat. emi / just be (fracus & darwin remix)
03. fracus & darwin / start again (remix)
04. fracus & darwin feat. poison rain / no dark clouds
05. fracus & darwin / scream & shout
06. redmoon & meron ryan / heavyweight (fracus & darwin remix)
07. fracus & darwin / free from form (update)
08. fracus & darwin / the good inside
09. cube::hard / show me a sign (fracus & darwin remix)
10. fracus & darwin vs. strife ii / heartfelt
11. fracus & darwin vs. reese / cross the line
12. eclipse / 24/7 (fracus & darwin's vip remix)
13. chwhynny / still i am
14. fracus & darwin feat. poison rain / no matter what
15. entity / stargazer (remix)
16. triple j / wonderful world (fracus & darwin remix)
17. fracus & darwin / noizemaker
18. fracus & darwin vs. 3star / together we grow
19. fracus & darwin / roar
20. chwhynny & darwin / nothing there (blu the roof mix)
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