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slime - lean over ii

lean over ii
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Last year saw the release of “Increases”, the debut EP from young London producer Will Archer, aka Slime – a stunning collection of haunting, beautifully layered tracks which melded pastoral electronica and two-step to stunning effect. Finding support with everyone from Pitchfork and XLR8R to Dazed and the Guardian, it heralded the arrival of a truly unique and exceptional new UK talent in our midst.

This EP – the aptly named “Increases II” – takes the distinctive blueprint laid down by Archer in the first EP and pushes it to new and unexpected avenues. But, far from feeling cold and alien, Archer imbues his music with a singularly human touch, with his deployment of found sounds and field recordings – and no samples whatsoever – lending the tracks a warm glow, as if lit from within.

The deeply biographical nature of the recordings is further heightened by the fact that his music has drawn its inspiration directly from his surroundings. If “Increases” documented his journey from Newcastle to London, “Increases II” is record of Archer having found a new home in Brixton – from the slow burning ebb and flow of cinematic opener “Three Years”, to the desolate urban balladry of “Bruised” (courtesy of guest vocalist Tamara Quaddoumi), to the sublime, horn-led beauty of taster track “Lean Over” (which you can stream now) – the six track EP reflects and refracts the rhythms of the city he now calls home.
a01. three years
a02. anni
a03. lean over
b01. bruised (feat tamara quaddoumi)
b02. crown
b03. cat bells
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