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andrzej korzynski - possession

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Finders Keepers Records presents Polish composer Andrzej Korzynski’s previously unreleased electro / orchestral / experimental score for Andrzej Zulawski’s surrealist 80s horror classic, ‘Possession’. These 25 cues were written and recorded exclusively for the 1981 award-winning film starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neil, but due to the progressive, stark and modernist nature of the finished film less than half of them made it on to the actual director’s cut, leaving many of the tracks in this package totally unheard outside of Korzynski’s studio. The intended ‘Possession’ score in its entirety marks an important axis in Korzynski’s career where his various musical disciplines overlap. In one respect it marks his first forays into to synth driven electronics and disco drum machines, while other tracks epitomise the well honed techniques used in previous Zulawski scores, such as ‘Third Part Of The Night’ and ‘The Devil’, which rely on his inimitable orchestral arrangements and combination of clavinet, Rhodes, piano and electric guitar. This is the first time any of this music has been released outside of the film’s original context and is packaged on CD, vinyl LP and digital download. This important restoration of Korzynski's music aims to shed new light on the seldom manufactured productions of the composer whose vast cinematic catalogue warrants overdue global status alongside other golden-era Eastern European composers such as Kryzstof Komeda, Jan Hammer and Zdenek Liska - not to mention the best of the French and Italian soundtrackers, such as Roubaix, Vannier and Nicolai. Duplicated and carefully remastered directly from Korzynski's original master tapes, this album boasts the uninhibited studio experiments and retains the pre-cut ambience as an exclusive archival forerunner to Finders Keepers’ forthcoming expanded selection of Korzynski releases later in the year.
01. the night the screaming stops
02. opetanie 1
03. meeting with a pink tie
04. opetanie 2
05. anna rewards mark
06. possession - orchestral theme 1
07. kreuzberg 1
08. opetanie 3
09. mark looks in the fridge
10. heinrick's demise
11. opetanie 4
12. possession - orchestal theme 2
13. blue ford b-az6
14. helen has green eyes
15. opetanie 5
16. bloody embrace
17. kreuzberg 2
18. detective desserts
19. kreuzberg 3
20. kreuzberg 4
21. the night the screaming stops (tempo)
22. mark formulates a plan
23. mark sees everything
24. closely observed anna
25. opetanie 6
26. what is it?
27. the man with the pink socks
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