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parov stelar - the princess

the princess
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pop/downtempo/nu jazz/house
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On his new album "The Princess" Parov Stelar consequently advances his unmistakable style. He also prolongs one ot the most amazing success stories of the past years.

A certified border-crosser of musical styles, Parov Stelar has examined well-tried and partly classic patterns, deconstructed them and re-defined his very own style along the way. At the same time he evolved from a DJ and producer to a first class band leader. Since then he and his band travel from one big festival stage and club to another. His fans do appreciate this kind of tireless commitment: the past decade had him gather a loyal, international fan-base, almost all of his upcoming dates are sold-out months in advance. What started as a series of some hundreds concerts in Eastern Europe soon conquered Central Europe and North America. Top chart positions in the US iTunes Electronic Charts and the New Artist Billboard Charts prove that Parov Stelar´s new sound can easily even cross an ocean.

On April 20th 2012, Parov Stelars long-awaited new double-album THE PRINCESS will see the light of day, followed by an extensive, nearly fully sold-out European tour. THE PRINCESS perfectly sums up Parov Stelar's musical development without neglecting his roots. More than ever he takes his time to make every single track a short-story filled with ideas nicely fitting his 'anything goes' attitude.

Most of the tracks to be found on CD1 mirror a special, highly emotional and reminiscing undertone carried by the piano and yearning live/sampled vocals. Standout tunes like "You Got Me There" and opening track "Milla's Dream", which was actually recorded somewhere between the tourbus and backstage on last year's autumn tour, provide equally cinematic qualities. To wrap thing's up, CD1 includes soul pop anthem "Nobody's fool" featuring Parov Stelar live-band singer Cleo Panther.

CD2, however, offers a collection of yet unreleased or vinyl-only releases that, in comparison, turn it up a notch speedwise. Just take the upfront single "Booty Swing" which hypnotic trumpets and burlesque stylings have already caused quite a stir in America. And then there's "Jimmy's Gang", one of those agitating, bass-heavy electroswing songs that cause no less than good clean fun and established Parov Stelar as a pinnacle of this exciting new genre. At the same time CD 2 contains a number of Parov Stelar live-band and trio performances, making THE PRINCESS a comprehensive exhibition of Parov Stelars ecclectic ouevre."
01. milla´s dream
02. all night
03. nobody´s fool feat. cleo panther
04. the princess
05. silent shuffle feat. jerry di monza
06. this game feat. anduze
07. you got me there
08. dust in the summer rain feat. lilja bloom
09. requiem for annie
10. with you feat. lilja bloom
11. the beach
12. song for the crickets
13. beautiful morning
14. the fog feat. jerry di monza
15. true romance part 2 feat. lilja bloom

01. jimmy´s gang
02. sally´s dance feat. cleo panther
03. booty swing
04. baska brother
05. the phantom (1930 version)
06. the snake
07. wanna fete
08. oh yeah
09. the vamp feat. max the sax
10. the paris swing box
11. all night (extended club version)
12. a song for you feat. jerry di monza
13. jimmy´s gang (enzo siffredi remix)
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