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parov stelar - coco

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pop/downtempo/nu jazz/house
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Played by:: Stefan, Zöld

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A nyári fesztiválok lecsengésével sem maradunk majd Parov Stelar nélkül. A magyar közönség egyik kedvence, a hazai parti kínálat állandó szereplője szeptemberben jelentkezik új, 'Coco' című albumával. A dupla cd formátumban megjelenő anyag első lemezén kaptak helyet az új szerzemények, a kettes számú pedig az eddig megjelent táncparkett felforgató tizenkettesek gyűjteménye. Az erősen vokális beállítottságú Coco a downtempo, swing, indie, elektronika stílusjegyeit felvonultató hangzásvilágával egyszerre szolidan melankólikus, és üdítően gyengéd atmoszférát képes teremteni. Kora őszi estékre kifejezetten ajánlott!
With his unmistakable Sound-Mix of Jazz- and Swing Samples and Electronic, Parov Stelar has secured his own unique position in the world of music. His upcoming fourth album “Coco” is eagerly awaited.
The double CD starts off where his successful LP’s “Rough Cuts”, “Seven And Storm” and “Shine” ended. On the other hand he is consequently developing his established jazzy sound, by adding new stylistic elements to his tunes. Also his Dancefloor-Productions, that up to now have only been published as singles, find a debut to a greater extent on his album. They meet with Stelar’s melancholic-melodious
Trademark-Sound, which is well known from his earlier albums, but now is also spiced up with Hip-Hop Beats and Synth-Pads. Parov Stelar manages to build bridges between his own worlds of sound with these extensive LP as well he as he does with Listening- and Dance-Music in general. An electrifying Album to fall for. The two CDs are originally thought of as one with tracks that can be danced to and one with tracks just for listening. Nevertheless the line between those two approaches becomes blurred in Parov Stelar’s newest compositions. The album makes your feet tap more and more with every track.
The musician himself sees the whole thing as a “Book for Musical Readers” which is classically defined in introduction, middle part and end. Because of downloading hit numbers on downloading platforms the “Listening In” to albums and thereby reflecting on less prominent tracks, is lost. Parov Stelar sets “Coco” as a statement against this habit. Apart from two cooperation-tracks with the saxophone-player from his live-band, Max The Sax, Stelar has cooperated with six singers from different genres. This again gives “Coco” a characteristic, one and only feeling.
01. coco feat. lilja bloon
02. hurt
03. for rose
04. true romance feat. lilja bloom
05. distance feat. lylith
06. wake up sister
07. let´s roll feat. blaktroniks
08. sunny bunny blues feat. veda 36
09. dandy feat. yola b.
10. your man
11. promises feat. klaus hainy
12. létoile feat. max the xax
13. you and me feat. lilja bloom

01. the mojo radio gang (radio version)
02. ragtime cat feat. lilja bloom
03. silent snow feat. max the sax
04. libella swing
05. catgroove
06. matilda
07. the flame
08. fleur de lille
09. hotel axos
10. monster (original version)
11. nosferatu (original version)
12. starlight clubversion (from the nola grey project)
13. the mojo radio gang (clubversion)
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