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v/a presented by anthony rother - we are punks 2

we are punks 2
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A Datapunk májusban megjelent megaválogatása után még ebben az évben megérkezett a folytatás, a We Are Punks 2. A kíméletlen techno-elektro hibrideket ezúttal nemcsak válogatta Antony Rother, a kétcédés kiadványon a mixelést sem bízta másra. Az anyagon persze rengeteg Rother szám, de mellette sem akárkik reprezentálnak, pl. Miss Kittin vagy Umek.
"I need more Music!" Datapunk sorceress Xenia Beliayeva could not have found a more fitting motto for her current single "Music" and part two of the "We Are Punks"-CD-series.

Given wings by the outstanding success of the first edition of the anthology as well as the "Various Punks Volume A"- double EP, Anthony Rother and Matthias Gustke aka Ziel 100 are once again choosing the best melodies from the successful label. With over 150 minutes playing time on two completely mixed CD's, the second chapter of "We Are Punks"-series is an intensive bridging of the past and future of a label, which has defined the sound of modern clubs like nothing else, through a fertilization of techno and electro into a new hybrid.

In addition to the compiled datapunk club hits of the last few months (among others Anthony Rother's "Moderntronic 3" and his current single "So Good", Billy Nasty's "Iconic Warfare" and/or "Electro maloquerio", Umek's "Vandal Derivate" or Kiko's "30.1"),
many of which are appearing in CD format for the first time, there are seven exclusive tracks which until now have not been released, which will appear on two vinyl maxis at the same time and will anticipate the soundprofile of the label for the new year.

Particularly worth mentioning are the label debuts of the Polish producer Robert M aka Elektro One and Daniel Wilhelm from Hamburg. Robert M´s "Elektro Tape" is a prime example of a playful and aggressive version of electronic dance music, which shows an exciting way out of the uniformity of the minimal techno dogma, and the organ sounds of "Alster Dream" by Daniel Wilhelm remain constantly present in the balance of a night dancing away. In addition Ziel 100 shines with a streamlined bassline feat ("Ready To Fog"), while Frank Kusserow provides a sensual balance with his melodramatic "Just a little tragedy" and the tradition of electro comes into its own with a return to the old by Miss Kittin and The Hacker ("Midlife Crisis"). Finally in year
five of the still young label history, there is one thing that datapunk doesn't want under any circumstances: to mark time!
01. artist unknown / demons + girls
02. xenia beliayeva / music
03. anthony rother / adam & eve
04. anthony rother / moderntronic 3
05. frank kusserow / human being
06. gregor tresher / doom
07. xenia beliayeva / chocolate
08. anthony rother / young
09. kiko / 30.1
10. billy nasty / iconic warfare
11. gregor tresher / heat
12. anthony rother / synthetic
13. anthony rother / space

01. robert m / elektro tape *
02. christopher kah / sensation i
03. frank kusserow / sunflower *
04. internal sync / messed up road
05. ziel100 / ready to fog *
06. anthony rother / so good
07. billy nasty / electro maloquerio
08. umek / vandal derivate
09. daniel wilhelm / alster dream *
10. xenia beliayeva / music (kiko remix)
11. frank kusserow / just a little tragedy *
12. miss kittin & the hacker / midlife crisis *
13. artist unknown / behind your eyes *
* previously unreleased
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