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dj bootsie - holidays in the shade

holidays in the shade
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A kiadó a mély és szenvedélyes magyar lélekkel, a tatárokkal, a Habsburgokkal és a szovjetekkel, no meg az öngyilkossági rátával jön, mi viszont annak örülünk, hogy DJ Bootsie évek óta készülő nagylemeze végre megjelenik és nem is akárhol.

A BBE gondozásában decemberben érkező Holidays In The Shade a számos formációban szereplő DJ Bootsie második albuma. Bootsiet már a kilencvenes évek közepe óta ismerik a hazai hiphop fejek, majd Yonderboi és Zagar oldalán tervezve nemcsak a szélesebb értelemben vett hazai, hanem a nemzetközi közönség is megismerte a nevét. Első szólólemeze, a Silent Partner, öt éve jelent meg, azóta Bootsie saját kvartettjével koncertezik itthon és Európa szerte. A Silent Partnerről zenét licenszelt a CSI sorozat, de szakmailag nyilván nagyobb súllyal esik latba, hogy egy hivatalos mixlemezre a francia DJ Cam is beválogatott egy számot.

A kísérleti hiphopnak címkézett új lemezen tizennégy szám hallható majd, vonós kísérettel, olyan amerikai vendég repperekkel, mint O.C. vagy Vast Aire, és még Latinovitsot is hallhatjuk, ahogy a Vén cigányt szavalja.

A Holidays In The Shade december közepén jelenik meg, előtte pedig novemberben kerül a polcokra a beharangozó EP, a The Presentiment.

Bootsie nagylemezét Magyarországon a Neon Music és a Deep Distribution közösen terjeszti.
Only a Hungarian would take "Holidays in the Shade" - not exactly your conventional vacation.

They're strange animals, the Magyars. The Hungarian soul is a strange creature with a dark beauty, an emotional urge towards self pity, depression even. They are always late, they miss their opportunities, they laugh with tears of bitter happiness. How symbolic: regardless of regimes, all hungarian bank notes of the past 150 years bear images of emblematic heroes in local history who all failed. Hungarians do not live on the sunny side of life. History has beaten the hell out of their collective psyche - they've been defeated by the Tatars, the Turks, the Habsburgs and the Soviets - yet they still hold their heads up high.

Don't think all that history didn't take its toll, though. A Hungarian's soul is dark and passionate, but often pessimistic and self defeating. He's got the smarts and the ambition to take over the world but most times is too busy gazing at his navel, or too bummed out, to make it actually happen.

Still, beautiful surprises often sprout up out of the psychic muck in Hungary.

In spite of his Hungarian background DJ Bootsie is making things happen in our headphones. The Budapest-born DJ/producer and his Quartet take us on a sonic tour of the sorrowfully joyous Hungarian soul on their latest album entitled "Holidays in the Shade", the follow up to 2004's successful "Silent Partner".

Few DJs are able to draw from the rich history of their own people, but that's exactly what Bootsie and his cohorts do, incorporating uniquely somber Hungarian folk music motifs into their acoustically rich electronic tunes, while simultaneously maintaining a hip hop sensibility. The result is a gorgeous musical soundscape that gets you moving, emotionally and physically.

Just grab an earful of the opener Rain A Fall which features a haunting Hungarian string arrangement coupled with a mournful Magyar wail. Or sink into the downtempo, interdisciplinary "Körmenet" (funeral procession) flourished with strings and a haunting baritone saxophone. The Spaceship mechanic from a tiny village in the Hungarian countryside laments in Neil And Vincent Pt. 1.

And coming from a country that used to have the highest rate of suicide in the world, is it any coincidence that there's a tune entitled Mr. Prozac?

But things are not as depressing as they sound; in fact the album can be quite uplifting. It's not only his Hungarian roots but also Bootsie's hip hop origins that are exposed on Holidays in the Shade - they're never far away, with turntable scratches thoughtfully worked into the mix throughout and special appearances from MCs Vast Aire and O.C.

So, if you're willing to take a little Holidays in the Shade, we can't promise that you'll go home with a tan - but we can promise you a fascinating journey through the sounds of the Hungarian soul in the 21st century. Let DJ Bootsie be your guide.

The last song on the album explains it all. It draws inspiration from a poem written in 1855 by the great Hungarian poet Mihály Vörösmarty, The Old Gypsy. A tragic king of the Hungarian acting world, Zoltán Latinovics recites the poem in all its haunting majesty: the contraditions of the Hungarian spirit; the sad joy, first shivering, then burning with an intense flame. The fallen angel, the broken heart, the mad spirit. It is the individual expression of a masculine, romantic and dark Magyar.
01. rain a fall
02. lieutenant chrome
03. mosquito dance
04. kite over faurndau
05. vast hope (feat. vast aire)
06. ballad of the space ship rigger pt. 1
07. ballad of the space ship rigger pt. 2
08. call mr. prozac
09. tableaux repin
10. neil and vincent pt. 1
11. neil and vincent pt. 2
12. move a mountain (feat. o.c.)
13. körmenet / procession
14. huzd
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