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contact ep
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Producer Hans Hu$tle and singer Tahnee Matthiesen met while dancing to D'Angelos music in a club in Munich. Although they already knew each others musical projects, only after this they noticed their common love for dark moods and getting lost in psychedelic spheres. After nights of endless sessions, listening to Darkside, Portishead, computer noises and fieldrecordings, they started to combine their different approaches of making music for sketches that would later become the “Contact" EP. The music on this records feels futuristic and innovative while also obviously drawing from the mentioned influences, best heard in the first single „We All“: A psychedelic, moody, but still focused peace of music, based on raw vocal and guitar recordings, topped with a heavy baseline and edgy drums.

The whole record is a great mixture of emotional power and well crafted production. It´s very intimate and sensual, while simultaneously being powerful and heavy. A listening pleasure for anybody who loves to get lost in music!

About Tahnee Matthiesen:

Singer and songwriter Tahnee Matthiesen was born on the 18th of April 1992 in Munich. Since her Father was a musician and singer, she grew up surrounded by music, which inspired her to develop her own melodies and lyrics at a young age. When she was thirteen, she sang in a small local singer songwriter band, presenting her work for the first time in public. After finishing school she took part in a two-year music-theater-project. It was here were she met the Producer Daniel Siebertz (Provo) with whom she became known as the Trip-Hop Duo Luko.

About Hans Hu$tle:

Born in 1993, Hans Hu$tle began his musical career by building a toy guitar out of his lego collection. Soon exchanging the toy with a real instrument, he started to play pieces by groups like Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Radiohead. Strongly inspired by his elder brother, a huge fan of Portishead and UK Dubstep (and a music producer himself), Hans finally started to build tunes on his mum´s computer. In 2014 he made his first public appearance with the project „Akere“, working together with singer Sarah Sulai and Drummer/Producer L One to combine Electronica, Future Beats and Trip-Hop. After their debut LP „Blue Sphinx“ was released on 58Beats in 2016, Hans started to focus on producing more instrumental music, leading to the release of his G-Funk and Hip-Hop influenced „D.I.D.M.Z.D.G.S.H.“ Tape in 2016 and his genre-combining „EP II“ via Bumm Clack Records in 2017.

Yet, while Hans has been making music for more than twelve years, his unique productions and genre-combining songwriting is only now being discovered by a wider audience. Just recently he got invited to Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Berlin, and the single „Gettin´ Money“ from his „EP II" got premiered by Splash Mag, one of Germany's biggest Hip-Hop magazines. His upcoming project, a collaboration EP with singer Tahnee Matthiesen, takes him back to his roots: It´s a sensual and dark record, strongly inspired by 90s Trip-Hop and Electronica. The release is anticipated for November 2017 on Compost Record's new sublabel Beat Art Department.
01. contact
02. watery
03. the moon
04. we all
05. safe for now
06. the rip off
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