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qbeck - don't let it fall ep

don't let it fall ep
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Having previously had releases on Visionquest and Italian imprint AMAM, AEON's fifth release is courtesy of Ukrainian producer and performer Qbeck. With the 'Don't Let It Fall EP' and as the latest addition to the AEON family Qbeck is the perfect candidate to bring a fresh take on the electronic music scene, supplying a sound that perches somewhere between minimal, tech and deep-house.

The EP begins in an inviting fashion with its title track 'Don't Let It Fall'. Featuring vocals from Nick Maurer who shone on DJ T's album 'The Pleasure Principle'. 'Don't Let It Fall' introduces a set of slowly refined melodic rhythms that gradually take place throughout the mix providing the spine of this brooding opener, leading the way for the following track.

‘Rebound' seems to pick up where 'Don't Let It Fall' left off and continues to fold the listener deeper within the soundscape between the duelling background of sporadic synth lines and percussive hits.

Johannes Brecht's remix re-tailors the key elements of the track and aims it for the dancefloor, adding a pace and urgency in some of the more direct synth lines whilst engaging the melodic core of the original.

Qbeck's "To The Edge" features as a digital exclusive on the release and offers up an interesting juxtaposition to the bass driven foundations laid down by its predecessor. Favouring an arpeggiated synth intro against the rhythmical patterns that tie this cinematic cut together.

Francys, who recently released his 'Memories' EP on AEON, remixes 'Don't Let It Fall' into a kinetic and frenzied number that lives in the shadowy early hours paying tribute to the minimal groove that‘s kept throughout.
a01. don’t let it fall feat nick maurer (original mix)
a02. rebound (original mix)
b01. don’t let it fall feat nick maurer (johannes brecht remix)
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