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landgren & wollny & danielsson & haffner - 4 wheel drive

4 wheel drive
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- ‘4 Wheel Drive’: an ensemble with a high-performance four-cylinder engine, with all the gears meshing perfectly. The fuel: jazz.
- It scarcely feels necessary to mention the pre-eminent status of all four of these artists, because that is evident from hearing the music. When Nils Landgren brings such feeling to his own melody ‘Le chat sur toit’, or when Michael Wollny dazzles with the blues-infused piano solo in ‘Lady Madonna’; when ‘Polygon’ opens with a bass intro from Lars Danielsson, or when Wolfgang Haffner sets up the power groove to propel ‘4WD’, then it’s clear what’s happening: four leading figures in European jazz who know each other well and who have appreciated each other’s work for many years have now got together. True, their paths have crossed many times before in all kinds of configurations, but here for the very first time are the four friends as a quartet. They decided to record an album together at the Nilento Studio in Gothenburg: ‘4 Wheel Drive’.
- The title of the album reflects the equal role which each of the four musicians has had in setting the direction for the quartet. They take to the road together, both as superb soloists and as team players. In addition to one original composition from each of them, Landgren, Wollny, Danielsson and Haffner also decided that they would focus on four living creative forces from the recent history of music and interpret their tunes, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Sting. McCartney’s ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ becomes a subtly-lit jazz ballad. Freed from everything extraneous and transformed by Wollny’s prepared piano, Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Always A Woman’ is a mysterious and enraptured love song. The musicians interpret Genesis’ song ‘That’s All’ as a collage of instrumental sound. And for Sting’s song about letting go, ‘If You Love Somebody Set Them Free’, they find a fitting musical parallel: the freedom of jazz leads naturally to Landgren’s powerful trombone improvisation.
- The album is bookended with music from the fast lane: it opens with Wollny’s fast-paced showpiece ‘Polygon’ and closes with Danielsson’s ‘4WD’; he had Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in mind when he wrote this title track
a01. polygon (michael wollny)
a02. another day in paradise (phil collins)
a03. lady madonna (john lennon & paul mccartney)
a04. she’s always a woman (billy joel)
a05. lobito (wolfgang haffner)
a06. maybe i’m amazed (paul mccartney)
b01. shadows in the rain (sting - gordon sumner)
b02. le chat sur toit (nils landgren)
b03. just the way you are (billy joel)
b04. if you love somebody set them free (sting gordon sumner)
b05. that’s all (phil collins, mike rutherford & tony banks)
b06. 4wd (lars danielsson)
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