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nouvelle vague - version française

version française
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A zenkar és lemezeik koncepciója régóta ismert és kedvelt a magyar közönség előtt. Továbbra is a kitaposott ösvényen haladva elkészült a zenekar legújabb, ám ezúttal cseppet mélyebbre ástak kedvenceink. A brit újhullám világszerte ismert himnuszai helyett a felfedezésre váró, 70-es, 80-as évekbeli francia színteret vették górcső alá. A dalokat napjaink francia könnyűzenei fősodrának alakjainak közreműködésével hallhatjuk. Hamisítatlan Nouvelle Vague hangzás, és egy kis zenetörténeti kiképzés újfent.
Nouvelle Vague 4th Studio Album
Featuring Vanessa Paradis, Camille, Coralie Clément, Yelle…
Covers of French New Wave songs.

Nouvelle Vague, New Wave and Bossa Nova: three things that - in their respective languages - all mean exactly the same thing. Three passions that Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux have been attempting - since 2004 - to marry together via their Nouvelle Vague project. The ingredients?
The swooping elegance of Bossa Nova, the melancholic melodies of New Wave and the distanced approach of the films of the Nouvelle Vague.

The group's modus operandi is as follows: transpose classic songs and help people to (re)discover obscure (or not) new wave tracks with a fresh take, decidedly modern. The art of recording cover versions is a delicate one, but the group's reinterpretations of "Guns of Brixton", "Dance With Me" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" have been heard around the world.

700,000 albums sold, hundreds of concerts sold out all over the globe and female singers that give the live shows a real boost ; the originality of Camille, the elegance of Mélanie Pain, the sensuality of Phoebe Killdeer and the onstage craziness of Nadeah Miranda have moved the crowds wherever they sing. This chic aestheticism is added to by Helena Noguerra and Mareva Galanter, who now accompany the group during their concerts.

If the first three albums were very much attached to UK new wave and post punk, "version française", the group's fourth album revisits the French "New Wave" that spread throughout the country during the 70s and on into much of the following decade.

To celebrate this 'new wave made in France', the usual line-up of female vocalists has been extended far beyond the usual confines of the group, with each track sung by an artist from the current French scene, the very scene that grew up with these songs and is proud of it.
01. voilá les anges feat coeur de pirate
02. l'aventurier feat helena noguerra & louis ronan choisy
03. week-end á rome feat vanessa paradis
04. putain putain feat camille
05. marcia baila feat adrienne pauly
06. anne cherchait l'amour feat julien doré
07. ophélie feat yelle
08. so young but so cold feat charlie winston
09. sandy sandy feat soko
10. mala vida feat olivia ruiz
11. oublions l'amérique feat nadeah miranda
12. amoureux solitaires feat hugh coltman
13. 2 people in a room feat cocoon
14. sur ma mob feat mareva galanter
15. déréglée feat mélanie pain
16. je suis déjá parti feat coralie clément
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