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deadmau5 - while (1<2)

while (1<2)
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house/electro house
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After a long wait, While (1<2) - the 25-track triple album from everyone's favourite dance music agitator, Deadmau5 finally drops, as a limited edition, three-LP vinyl box-set. Stretching over 140 minutes, the producer's opus showcases both his down tempo electronic experiments and festival-ready gear, coming together in his most complete work yet.

“I've done hip-hop tracks, glitch tracks, piano concertos, and dance hits," Zimmerman recently told Vanity Fair when asked about his album vision. "I think a large part of my fan base knows that, so this is for them. And if it's not for them, then maybe I'll attract some new fans who aren't so EDM."

You'll have to be quick if you want to secure a collector's item, as it will be a limited run, Keep your eyes peeled for their arrival! Don't have an operational turntable available? No matter - we reckon these would look slick displayed boastfully on a wall.
a01. avaritia
a02. coelacanth i
a03. ice age deadmau5 remix
a04. my pet coelacanth
b01. infra turbo pigcart racer
b02. terrors in my head
b03. creep
c01. somewhere up here
c02. phantoms cant hang
c03. gula
d01. acedia
d02. invidia
d03. errors in my bread
d04. survivalism deadmau5 remix
d05. silent picture
e01. rlyehs lament
e02. superbia
e03. mercedes
e04. monday
e05. bleed
f01. ira
f02. a moment to myself
f03. pets
f04. coelacanth ii
f05. seeya
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